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    Learning path for advancement through staff



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    Learning path for advancement through staff

    Post by MeSoLost on Wed Oct 19, 2016 7:29 pm

    Timetable / Learning path for advancement

    JrStaff will be required to learn the basics of the plugins we use for management so they will be able to execute the duties of their station with all due expedience and courtesy expected from their title.  Your first and foremost plugin to learn will be HawkEye data logger.  You will be tested on the use of the search ability to find specific commands and events within the database as well as your ability to use the rollback function.  You will be tested on your knowledge of the establishment and management of claims made by the GriefProtection plugin. After some time at your present rank you will be evaluated on your abilities and your actions thus far in your position of power and authority. There is no specific set time for advancement but you should expect this phase to take on average 6 months to pass. Depending on your level of performance earlier advancement may be possible. Lack of playtime, directed complaints, abuse of commands and abilities, or any duly justified reason of the owner and/or administrators my be grounds for immediate dismissal from your position as staff.

    I'll put in the next level of staff when we get to someone getting close to being promoted.  For now work on accomplishing the goals and tasks of the rank you currently hold.

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