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    Rules In General (mostly for the server)


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    Rules In General (mostly for the server)

    Post by MeSoWhite on Thu Jul 21, 2016 9:37 pm

    1. No griefing or bypassing claim protection.
    2. Keep the chat to a standard meeting 3+  standard.
    3. No racism or abusive language, chat or figures on the map this includes pointless blocks or towers.
    4. Bullying in any shape or form deemed to be enough by staff will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
    5. Do not abuse any exploits and if you do find any report them to staff so the issue can be fixed.
    6. Do not use hacks or mods to try and further gain your profile.
    7.  Do not beg for money or items in the chat.
    8. Remain respectful to staff and members of the public.
    9. No spamming at all.
    10. Do not bypass pvp protection.
    11. No laggy devices, machines or anything impacting the server.
    12. Do not try to intentionally crash the server.
    13. No Drop parties of size that cause entity lag.
    14.  Scamming is not allowed in any shape or form.
    15. Do not ask for staff positions.
    16. Do not advertise other servers.
    17. Teleporting to other players is entirely at your own risk.
    18. Do not post random useless topics or comments. (forums only)

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