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    Changes to mods. What's different on our server from the wiki's.



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    Changes to mods. What's different on our server from the wiki's.

    Post by MeSoLost on Mon Sep 05, 2016 11:15 pm

    Below are the changes we've made to the mods on our server.  Relax! We've only tweaked the config files so no need to go tattle to the creators to us because we've done nothing wrong. ^_^ I've just decided on how I'd like my server to be with whatever configs the author left available and changed settings accordingly.  The config files are also in your modpack folder so you can view them yourself if your curious on the details. ( /.technic/modpacks/mesolost-in-space/config/ )
    (NOTE- Settings subject to change and fine tuning until this note removed.)

    Some changes and settings are for fairness and to help keep the economy stable.  Some of the more crazy OP settings have other reasons which will be explained where applicable.  Whatever the changes are FUN was a primary contributing factor in all decisions! \^_^/

    ROBOTS - Robots are known to have issues with anti grief systems so bear with us to begin with as we code and test and try and find a compromise.  Even if it has to be moderated bots with tablet remote controls, we'll find a way.  That being said, just so you know, there IS a drone buddy being made as one of our available perks!  Have a drone follow you (your tablet beacon) everywhere you go!

    Server wide in all mods that offer settings for it all handheld devices with power storage have had their batteries upgraded from NiCd to LiPo for better performance. (increased buffer size)

    RULES FOR SPACE Exclamation

    NOTE - Galacticraft was the top must have mod for my pack and was ultimately what set the version of MC used.

    *Space stations - If you break your reception pad the server will fail to start properly with an exception ticking chunk error and will be down until I delete your entire space station!  That is the price you will pay.  You will loose everything in your space station if you alter your reception pad. No (I want to be that evil but I just can't be. We do have a good backup schedule)

    Earth orbit - You can navigate without Swiftwolf's rending gale (which will actually make earth orbit worse for you) or a jetpack, just keep in mind it's like moving on really slippery ice but in 3 dimensions so dont get moving too fast and be patient and earth orbit can be real fun.  Feel free to visit the public space station to get a feel for space walking.  It's covered in oxygen bubble distributors so you can float outside without air tanks as long as you stay close to the structure.  You'll probably want thermal padding at least though.  

    Mars and Venus space stations - MOBILITY AID REQUIRED IN THESE AREAS Have absolute 0 gravity and as such need to be navigated differently.  pale  You will NEED a grapple and string at bare minimum because there is NO up and down movement with the exception of you can jump up and crouch will slow and stop you but further movement up or down is impossible without assistance.  If you are further along then other suitable navigation aids are available to you and are listed at the bottom of this first post.  I think the kuiper belt has this navigation challenge as well.

    *Public space station, Mars base, Moon base - There are free oxygen filling stations at these locations and theft of others equipment will not be tolerated!  We're using HawkEye so LITERALLY everything is logged right down to where you were standing when you said whatever it is you just said.  I'll even know the angle you were at when you /farted!  EVERYTHING!  More stations will be added as needed.  There is free fuel for your cart too at the Moon and Mars base!  Just drive up on the pad and wait.  These free facilities are provided on the moon and mars only to assist in early game and to allow Moon/Mars shops.

    *Building off planet alien  - Moon and Mars are safe from complete erasure unless there's a serious problem at which point we'll prefer a planet wide rollback.  Your space station is safe unless you violate the 1 and only rule for building one.  DO NOT ALTER THE RECEPTION PAD!  Non-habitable planets are subject to erasure and regeneration and in game warnings will be made for the month before this is done.  Habitable planets are safe from planet wide regenerations.  Due to the inclusion of ProjectE and the ability to condense basic materials and the reduced need to mine vast areas the Nether will currently be safe from regenerations as well.  Precious space metals required to advance your rocket level are left as noncondensable rare materials to slow progression and offer incentive to figure out a mining method

    Tips and tricks for space

    A#1 most life saving trick!**  So important I'm doing it all in BOLD!  You have REI's minimap installed!  Make a waypoint at your base!  This is especially useful in earth orbit if you look away and drift away from your space station or a base like MarsBase being in a crater and easy to drive right past it.(another self note, someone bug me like mad - sort out keybinds and update pack with them pre-set)

    When moving in earth orbit, any asteroid belts, or venus/mars space stations, somewhere that isn't a planet or moon, hereafter referred to simply as "space", you need to be patient and take your time.  Think of moving on ice and all you have to push you is the air out of a balloon.  It's going to take a little bit to get going and it's gonna feel like forever to stop.  It's best if you limit your speed and go slow.  I know you want to just zip around like mad and have fun but you won't get much work done if you keep flying past your station at warp 10.  If you're scared of suffocating then just make sure you carry at least one universal cell full of liquid oxygen.(LOX)  You take that and your empty tank and craft them together in your little player craft box and you can fill your tank on the go!  One canister of LOX will fill 4 large air tanks so bring a few if you're going space mining. Very Happy (note to self: add LOX facilities to public space bases. if this takes too long someone remind me)

    Movement in space and your mobility options

    The lowest tier of space movement would be your sheer will power alone but this is only effective in orbit of earth.  We've added a "Fun Chamber" for you to practice movement in. (warp spacewalk) No breathing gear required!  Just a big giant glass box you can bounce around in without fear of getting completely lost.

    Grapple and string- Most basic option for safety.  Limited by how much string you have, your aim, and it's max throw distance.

    Swiftwolf's Rending Gale- This ring will work perfectly in any asteroid field or mars/venus space stations.  I have noticed that it will occasionally bug out and launch you downward at great velocity when attempting to use it in earth orbit.  You shouldn't need it in earth orbit though because that's the best dimension for space walking.  Technically you don't even need anything but breathing gear to work in earth orbit efficiently.  I built my entire station with my ring in my bag and my jetpacks in the closet.

    GalaxySpace jetpack- This jetpack has issues. -.-  Its initial thrust is INSANE and you can get lost very quickly.  It is however pretty good for going upwards really fast on earth.  There is also a bug with this jetpack that once fully charged it will automatically recharge to full if you simply place it into your inventory.  This item may have its recipe purged and it may or may not be offered as a donator perk item because of this glitch.  Very high thrust, potentially unlimited power, only goes 1 direction.

    IC2 jetpack- This is a balanced jetpack and should be accompanied by a LV solar helmet for best results. (if I could get the HV/MV to not nauseate you then I would -.- sorry)  It's enough to get you out of trouble and has a more relaxed thrust but it's limited to just one direction.  Moderate thrust, can recharge on the go, only goes 1 direction.

    Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven
    **ProjectRed jetpack**- And we've saved the best for last!  I didn't even know ProjectRed had a jetpack until I found it on accident while looking for a helmet in NEI.  There's no way to charge this on the go that I have found yet.  You need a special power setup to recharge in space. (electrotine)  It feels like it has just a little less thrust than the IC2 jetpack.  There is an enchantment for it named "fuel efficiency" that above level 3 it really adds to the flight time.  This item or the enchantment alone will be available for in game purchase through the /kit system. (once completed)  I know what you're thinking, slightly reduced thrust, difficult to charge on the go, AND it barely has any lasting time unless it's upgraded, how can that be the best?   bounce  Because, this jetpack doesnt just go up, it actually propels you in the direction you are looking!  YES!  Jet forward, jet down, jet diagonal!  JET ANYWHERE!  This will be the only jetpack I ever use now.  Because the movement on this jetpack is highly desirable and easy to use I will be looking into some commands to make its use easier.  This would include on the go purchasable upgrades, a command to recharge at some cost, and the jetpack alone, the enchants, or a pre-enchanted jetpack from the /kit command.

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    Open Computers

    Post by MeSoLost on Mon Sep 05, 2016 11:35 pm

    This was one of the core must have mods in the construction of the server.

    Portable equipment has had their default buffers increased as well as part of our server wide swap from NiCd to Li-Poly space batteries. ^_^

    Those are the big changes besides the speed of actions on the assembly table.  If you find that you cannot craft an item it is because there is an issue with it uses on server stability or it repeated misuse or exploitability and its recipe has been purged from the server side only.  (some of these items can be obtained in other ways in VERY limited quantity)


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    Immersive Engineering

    Post by MeSoLost on Tue Sep 06, 2016 12:14 am

    Cable lengths increased
    was 16, 16, 32
         LV  MV  HV
    now 32, 64, 64
    (also for rope and cable it's 32 and 64 respectively)

    Power loss reduction LV 0.005, MV 0.002, HV -0-

    Cable transfer rates increased
    LV - 5m RF/t
    MV - 50m RF/t
    HV - 500m RF/t

    Wire connector input
    LV - 500k RF/t
    MV - 5m RF/t
    HV - 5m RF/t
    There's a bonus exploit that results from this increase for early game progression.  Any wire connector that is attached to a supply of power will also act as an energy buffer.  Wire connectors on machines or attached to power storage systems input side will NOT charge up and will read as 0 RF even if power is flowing. This is normal.  The result is that you can take a single solar panel and put 4 MV wire connectors on it, wire them all 4 together so their charge is shared, and you've just made a 20 million RF energy buffer.

    Capacitors (use mainly as resistors to manage how much power goes where)
    HV - 50m storage - 5m in - 500k out
    MV - 5m storage - 500k in - 50k out
    LV - 500k storage - 500k in - 20k out

    Because Immersive Engineering can move power so far with only 3 items compared to 64 or if altitude change even more blocks in a chain all creating lag, this wire system helps to keep lag down. If you try and use this mod for short range power and have many wires on the same connector it WILL create lag to the point our profiler can see it clearly.  We've added crazy bonuses to it in order to encourage it's use as much as possible for power over distance only in order to keep the tile entity count down.  Please use Thermal Expansion flux ducts or IC2 wires for short range power transport. (within the same chunk)  The more wires you have hooked to a wire tap the more it will lag!  This is why we ask you use Immersive Engineering for distance and other means for short range so we can balance the lag and keep our TPS up.

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    Big Reactors

    Post by MeSoLost on Tue Sep 06, 2016 12:44 am

    Turbine settings change!  All drag and friction values have been reduced so it's easier to run a decent turbine off of a very small reactor helping you early in game and saving space IN SPACE! lol

    There will be a spotlight later on the automatic reactor control control system for space stations.


    Your turbine and reactor sizes CANNOT excede these specifications or the server will end up in a messed up state and I'll have to erase all sorts of peoples work and restore a backup.  PLEASE obey these limits!  I'll post the whole chunk of settings from the config here so you can see every detail.

    SIZES HAVE BEEN REDUCED AND SETTINGS CHANGED TO REDUCE LAG!  Please see the warp /warp modlimits or just /limits from in game to see turbine/reactor limits and recommendations.
    You can ONLY get the max buffer capacity per tick and since the buffers in BigReactors are 1,000,000 that means you cant effectively get any more than that from one reactor and turbine.  I've tried to set things accordingly and the turbines at the warp will yield just under the limit when run full throttle and ludicrite blocks.  No turbine ever needs more than 8 blades because the limits are set so 8 blade gets 100% efficiency at the maximum of 2000mb/t.  Your welcome.  Big turbines cause MAD lag so please limit their quantity and size.  I wont strictly enforce any turbine limits but be warned that if your found to be the cause of excessive turbine lag then you could be sited for intentional lag generation violation.

    Testing passive reactor limitations now, both direct power and steam @ 16^3

    general {
    Reactors, unless powering multiple turbines from 1 or running a big passively cooled system for a very large base, wont really need to be bigger than 5x5, maybe 7x7 for a power hungry ore refinery with 15 overclockers in half a dozen machines.  I've tried to make power easier to get not only with fewer resources but also to keep the size of big multiblock machines down for TPS.

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    Post by MeSoLost on Tue Sep 06, 2016 5:00 pm

    This one is more information I feel you should be aware of.  IC gate chips, DO NOT USE THEM! I don't think I left them even able to be crafted but they're known to crash WAILA.

    ProjectRed power anomalies

    Ok I thought it was one way then I went back to double check with more fine control over the time I set and I guess the solars DO work in space just at odd times =\ to TO-DO: (maybe) Figure out what are valid solar times in each dimension.


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    Industrialcraft 2 Experimental

    Post by MeSoLost on Thu Dec 29, 2016 1:44 pm

    The nuclear reactor and RTG output multipliers have been changed to x10.  I'll tinker will IC2 later and make the nuclear options more appealing for the risk involved.  I'd like them to be on par with Big Reactors so we'll see what I can do.  Here's a peek at what i'm gonna be tinkering with. =p  So, yeah.  I'll have fun with all these settings as part of the 2.0.4 push.  If anyone wants to see something on this list tweaked a certain way let me know.

    ; Base energy generation factors - increase for higher energy yield.
    [balance / energy / generator]
    generator = 1.0
    geothermal = 1.0
    ; Deprecated, because of Kinetic Watermill
    water = 1.0
    solar = 10.0
    ; Deprecated, because of Kinetic Windmill
    wind = 1.0
    nuclear = 10.0
    semiFluidOil = 1.0
    semiFluidFuel = 1.0
    semiFluidBiomass = 1.0
    semiFluidBioethanol = 1.0
    semiFluidBiogas = 1.0
    Stirling = 1.0
    Kinetic = 1.0
    radioisotope = 10.0

    ; Base heat generation factors - increase for higher heat yield.
    [balance / energy / heatgenerator]
    semiFluidOil = 1.0
    semiFluidFuel = 1.0
    semiFluidBiomass = 1.0
    semiFluidBioethanol = 1.0
    semiFluidBiogas = 1.0
    solid = 1.0
    radioisotope = 10.0
    electric = 1.0

    ; Base kinetic generation factors - increase for higher kinetic energy yield.
    [balance / energy / kineticgenerator]
    water = 1.0
    wind = 1.0
    manual = 1.0
    steam = 1.0
    electric = 1.0

    ; Basically the amount of hU the conversion of one mB of Liquid takes/gives
    [balance / energy / fluidconversion]
    ; Lava -> PahoehoeLava
    heatExchangerLava = 1.0
    ; Hot Coolant <-> Cold Coolant
    heatExchangerHotCoolant = 1.0
    ; Hot Water <- Water
    heatExchangerWater = 1.0

    ; Base Coolant conversion rate for FluidReactors.
    [balance / energy / FluidReactor]
    outputModifier = 1.0

    ; Balace Value for Turbine Livetime in sec. Default 86400sec = 24h ->changed to 7 days by MeSo
    [balance / SteamKineticGenerator]
    rotorlivetime = 604800

    ; Balace Values for calcification default 100.000mB Water -> to failure
    [balance / steamgenerator / calcification]
    maxcalcification = 100000

    ; Balance Values for Fermenter
    [balance / fermenter]
    need_amount_biomass_per_run = 10
    output_amount_biogas_per_run = 200
    hU_per_run = 8000
    biomass_per_fertilizier = 500

    ; Additional initial uu values, a value of 1 equals cobblestone.
    ; Recipes may cause the final value be lower than the one specified here.
    ; Format: <name>[@metadata] = <value>
    [balance / uu-values / predefined]
    IC2:itemOreIridium = 12000

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